Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The Court of Appeal today overturned a Moenui Council ruling that had blocked the building of a Marina in the township. The appeal opens the way for a multi-million dollar influx and coincidentally, the drowning of 13 local residents.
Celebrating today at the Masonic Hotel local boaties told the Kiwi Herald that the decision was 'the best thing to happen in the area since the land wars' and that they could 'hardly wait to see ample-breasted bikini-clad models sunning themselves on hugely expensive motorised gin-palaces.'
Amongst the celebrating Hotel crowd, Tama Epiha who will be one of the first to drown when his property is flooded by the development, commented that "seeing local people having an awesome time like this makes it all worthwhile. You have to make way for progress."
Meanwhile well-known beneficiary and surfer Gray Bailley who opposed the marina was unavailable for comment.
"He's almost certainly out on the left-hand break," said marina spokesperson Mick Kelly. "Sums it up really, doesn't it?"

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