Wednesday, September 20, 2006


(From Our Arts Reporter)
Moenui opera-buff John 'Giovan
ni' Brown premiered his new one man show 'Impotence-the opera' in the Moenui town-hall last night. The opera, inspired by the highly successful musical 'Menopause-the musical' is described as 'the story of everyman.'
Brown who is the sole performer and writer of the show says that the success of the Menopause show motivated him to write an opera for men which expresses 'the angst, worry and pathos in the death of manhood."

"It is something that all men can identify with. In the darkness of the theatre men experience a profound feeling of oneness with the performer and the others around them."

Early reviews have been mixed. The Kainui Chronicle said that "the dramatic structure of the opera was compromised by the lack of a real climax," while the Tumescence Times Tribune recommended it as a great place to buy cheap Viagra.

Mr Brown said that his next show will be entitled 'Incontenance- A Celebration'

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