Tuesday, October 17, 2006


A majority of Moenui residents polled by the Kiwi Herald have expressed enthusiasm that a Spanish company may take over Air New Zealand's baggage handling and ticketing saying they were 'looking forward to the afternoon siestas at the airport and the traditional running of the bull each time a bag is lost.'
Air New Zealand announced last week it has an offer on the table from the Spanish company to run the services at far cheaper rates than it currently achieves with it's own staff. Air New Zealand beleives it will save $20 million annually by contracting out to the company.
Meanwhile some 35 percent of those polled preferred that the baggage handling be contracted out to the even cheaper Senegalese Women's Coal Carriers Co-operative, while some 24 percent favoured an option where staff collect fares at the door and close the doors when all seats are filled. This plan would save some 60 million a year.

A Senegalese baggage handler

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