Saturday, October 14, 2006


Madonna returned to England last night, the darker tones of her newly adopted Malawian baby perfectly complimenting her porcelain skin and pink handbag. The Queen of pop, who has spent the past week in Africa, told awaiting media she was excited that in getting her new baby she was able to draw attention to poverty in Malawi.
"Not since David Livingstone visited Malawi in 1859 has their been so much interest in the country," the trend-setting Madonna told the Kiwi Herald. "Back then he was able to help the people by pointing out the evils of the slave trade. I just hope that I can help fight poverty by beginning a traffic in children."
Madonna said that she felt as though she had been called to Africa. "Brad and Angelina drew the world's eyes to Africa by having their baby there. I think I have gone one step further by getting my baby from Africa. I think there is some spiritual design in the fact that my new baby is named David just like the the great English explorer."


shane said...

i know just what it's like. we get our babies from deepest darkest naenae or even more risky, taita.
i wonder if "david" has his own name? dya think it was too difficult for her to pronounce?

Tram said...

Wow! Madonna is soooo deep!

Mags said...

Do you think Madonna's going to try out for a U.N. Ambassador position now?