Friday, October 06, 2006


Kiwi Herald reporter Bridget Saunders was excited and 'even more inncoherent than usual' today after learning she had been short-listed for the Nobel Prize for literature. Ms Saunders whose syndicated column famously revealed last week that the Prime Minister's moggie "has been on a week-long shag-fest with every Tom, Dick and tabby" is on a short-list of 137 nominated for best non-fiction writing in this year's awards.
Ms Saunders, whose column often reads like the Herald's utterly inpenetrable cryptic crossword (which she also writes) was described in a press release from the prize's shorlisting sub-committee as having 'a remarkable ability to two-finger type even while swimming in a vat of wine'. The press release commented that the literary community 'eagerly awaits advance copies of Ms. Saunders latest photo-journalistic epic entitled 'Things I've Done to Get A Story.' When rung for comment by the Kiwi Herald this morning Ms Saunders said that she could not feel her feet but that there were a 'couple of hunky barmen looking for them'.


darren said...

You mean the Prime Minister's pussy has been seeing some action!

What would Judith say?

Bedazzler said...

I do believe she doesn't drink. I don't believe her face is natural.