Wednesday, November 29, 2006


President George Bush continued today to deny that the 1861-65 war between the states was an American Civil War, saying the period was instead a period of 'sectarian violence fomented by folk with a deep hatred of freedom."

Speaking from Estonia en route to Latvia the President said that the fighting between Americans was "fomented by outsiders promoting alien ideas."
"These evil-doers turned good Americans against each other, causing terrible loss and suffering and we all know 'a house devided against itself cannot stand."
The President said that like President Jefferson Davis and those who followed him, he would 'go the distance in Iraq.'
"This administration intends to be like Kevin Costner in 'Field of Dreams," said the President."We will go the distance. People will come."
"Like baseball America will persist. And as in the days of old, Iraqi brothers will once again share a kebab with a can of coke."
Following his speech Fox News reported a surge in the President's popularity ratings.

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