Sunday, November 12, 2006


The Kiwi Herald has gained access to a video detailing a Danish road speed reduction campaign that may be introduced locally.
The video was part of a District Council report describing possible solutions to an on-going speeding problem at the Parnell Street roundabout. It was passed on the local police Constable Frank Tawhai 13 months ago who says he "has been looking into the matter."
We invite ratepayer comment on the possible introduction of a similar scheme through our letters column.

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Michael said...

Thanks, John for this enlightening solution to our local problems in Kings Cross Sydney.

I can see problems with the Danish solution though -- having beautiful women wearing only a tiny pair of hotpants and waving a 50k speed limit sign might work in summer, but in winter?

And you can imagine the reaction of the local temperance union.

Around here, too, I think beautiful young men might have more effect.

Regrettably, speed humps may be more prosaic but I think more practical.