Thursday, December 14, 2006


John Key's 'return to his roots' to present an Orewa style defining speech is to be documented by Alex Haley Jr and published as a non-fiction work entitled "Roots NZ : The Journey of Kunta Key."
The National Party leader announced yesterday that rather than make his new years' speech in Orewa he would return to Burnside
Haley whose father wrote the original 'Roots' is excited by Key's story which he says has remarkable similarities to the story his father told of an African American man's odessey to find his origins in the tropical forests of the Gambia.
The National Party leader's book is expected to include tales of Key's years as a strong young warrior in the state house jungle of Burnside, before his transportation into the world of commerce, where against great odds he carved out a distinguished career, eventually becoming the leader of the great NZ political party.
The book will also reveal how Key never lost the dream of searching back through his history to re-discover the legacy he lost and in doing so reforge his bonds with the 'ordinary Kiwi Battler.

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Rob Hosking said...

Alex Haley is a lousy writer.

He should have stuck to singing.

"Rock Around the Clock" was a classic.