Thursday, June 08, 2006


In a shock move Moenui South Premieres rugby coach Kiriti Moira today announced that the team would unveil a new haka when they take on the visiting Moenui North team on Saturday. For as long as locals can remember Moenui South has done the traditional “Ka mate Ka mate” haka prior to matches but come Saturday they will start with what Moira is calling “a more inclusive, aroha -filled haka”

“Lets face it” Moira said today, “Kamate is out of date. Seriously, in the 21st century should we be curtain-raising a sporting event with a war-dance that talks about death and insults the opposition by calling them hairy buggers?”

Moira, who has coached the South team to numerous titles says that the team decided to change things during a bonding exercise at the Masonic Hotel Sports Bar on Sunday evening.

“Some of the boys had been at the play-centre working bee earlier in the day and got talking about the divisions in the world; you know between different cultures and the like. Well bugger me if they didn’t suggest we should do our bit to build a better world by changing our traditional haka and so we kind of work-shopped it. I reckon we’ve come up with something that reflects the awakening we are going through here in Moenui."

Though Moira would not reveal details of the new haka the Kiwi Herald can reveal that Saturday’s opponents will include an apology for the infamous tackle that sidelined Northern captain “Paddy” Field in last years match-up. As a finale the North team will be invited to participate in a joint haka that challenges the crowd to have a good time.

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