Friday, June 16, 2006


A survey of Moenui residents has shown the government is wasting it’s time bringing 18 new free-to air channels on line because 67 percent of households have lost their remote controls. Of these the majority suspect the remote is down the back of the couch while a surprising 12 percent say that it has not been seen since it was thrown at one of the kids.
Most married women agreed with the statement that “It’s a bloody god-send that the remote is lost because my husband drives me mad when he has it.”

Meanwhile, owner of the Masonic Hotel “Dougie” Myers has made an appeal for the return of the remote control for the Sports Bar widescreen TV which went missing during Sunday night’s live “Dancing With The Stars” programme. A scuffle broke out between supporters of Rodney Hide and fans of Beatrice Faumuina when Hide appeared to spear-tackle partner Krystal Stuart. Faumuina supporters came under attack when they set up a chant demanding Hide be “sent-off.”

Hide supporters at the Masonic on Sunday.

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