Friday, July 28, 2006


The Kiwi Herald will go international next week when regular commentator Frank Lush begins reports from New York USA. Mr Lush who files regular commentaries from the Sports Bar of the Masonic Hotel in Moenui will be in New York for the wedding of his son Frank Lush Junior. Young Frank who coaches the women's rugby at an American College is marrying the teams first five eighth who is described as having a prodigious left foot. '
Frank Senior was invited to the wedding on the promise that he try hard not to offend any wedding guests by complaining about the quality of the beer or the USA's late entry into both world wars.

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David and Pat Ross said...

Waiting with baited breath - after Guyon Newspinner's reaction with Senator McCain, I am certain Frank will command an audience with the likes of George Brush, (Basil's cousin).No doubt Frank's skills as a reporter will impress all who come in contact with him, and he may well be offerred immediate USA citizenship,the Purple Heart and an invitation to open the New York Stock Exchange.