Sunday, July 09, 2006


Secret documents leaked to the Kiwi Herald reveal that the Labour Party plans to retire from politics. The documents, marked "Do not give to parliamentary messenger," show that the leadership of the party has decided that they "have had a good innings and after ninety years it is probably time to give someone else a turn." The document also states that " frankly the thought of even one more year of having to negotiate with Peter Dunne is beyond contemplation."
Moenui Labour Party President "Bluey" Kirk said he could neither confirm nor deny the content of the document but did say that "the time to pack it in might be at hand."
"I think really that we've pretty much achieved Nirvana through our ninety years of political toil. Who could deny that the workers paradise that Harry Holland envisioned all those years ago is now with us?"
Mr Kirk said there were those within the party who wanted to carry on until 100 years was reached but republican elements had said there was no way they wanted to be receiving a congratulatory letter from the Queen, or worse still "King bloody Charles."

Meanwhile the Herald is following up on a rumour that another NZ parliamentary will soon announce that it is to disband because "We were only kidding."
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