Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Moenui film maker Geoff Jackson today announced that he will direct a new movie on the life of Mother Teresa starring Christine Rankin in the title role. The film which is described as a heart-warming musical will be shot in South Auckland and is described as 'Once Were Warriors' meets 'The Sound of Music.'
"In the movie the story of Mother Teresa will be transposed from the dark streets of Calcutta to the violent, welfare-soaked underbelly of South Auckland," said Jackson. "In it we will see a woman with a saint-like empathy for the poor selfessly eschewing publicity and luxury in her actions on the behalf of the little children."
Jackson described how he settled upon Rankin as his lead when he saw her on Dancing With the Stars.
"Christine was brilliant. For the sake of the children (her charity) she put her body through excruciating routines wearing only a few slips of cloth and earings. She was steamily sensual but always focused on the highest goal."
Christine Rankin in the lead role

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toby1845 said...

Apparently after he sang at Princess Diana's funeral Elton John wrote a similar tribute to Mother Theresa. It was called 'Sandals in the Bin'.

The recording was canned when he found that there were no CD distributors in Calcutta to make the project worthwhile.