Wednesday, July 12, 2006


A new report shows that the number of children living in poverty is growing and that its all their own fault. The report, entitled 'The Deserving Poor' shows that "the percentage of children living in hardship has gone from 18 to 26 percent, but 90 percent of it can be put down to the children's own behaviour."
The author of the report Marcel Lauziere told the Kiwi Herald that a surprisingly high percentage of children from Moenui's poorer homes had ambitions beyond the means of their parents, failed to offer their parents budgeting advice or "insist that their parents get off the benefit and get themselves a job that will qualify them for 'working for families."
As a result these children typically live in homes where there is
no telephone, no washing machine, less than required fresh fruit and veges and no heating in main rooms.
"What was really disappointing to surveyors was the inability of children to either embrace poverty as a great builder of character or to change the behaviour of parents who failed to provide," said Lauziere. "One has to wonder, given the emergence of trans-generational poverty, whether it is genetically transmitted. This is an area we intend to research."

Over and over again child respondents struggled to comprehend that they were part of the problem.
Jamie a 7 year old who lives in such a household told surveyors: "We used to have a phone but it got cut off 'cause my Mum didn't pay the bill. She said she didn't have enough money but maybe she might of spent it all on smokes and Lotto. She might smoke as a secret when I'm in bed. I'm going to tell Mr Prasad at the dairy not to let her. Then she could buy me a playstation2"
Tame who is nine said: "Sometimes I ask for McDonald's when we are in town. My Mum says its not good for me but she might be wrong. Sarah Ulmer likes McDonald's."
Twelve year old Lauren was one of the exceptions. She said that she used to be part of the reason for her family's problems but had changed her ways.
"I used to want all the stuff like other kids had, but now I don't care. Now I know that things don't make you happy unless your parents have got the money to pay for them. Now I don't ask for new clothes. Mum says second-hand clothes are kind-of retro so it is OK. I tell her that if she believes that crap then no wonder she can't see that her boyfriend's a loser. She's so thick. She bought a car on HP and then she couldn't pay for it and they took it back and then we had to give back the washing machine and the DVD player."
Lauren says that she is going to leave home as soon as she is able. She wants to break the cycle of poverty.
"My ambition is to be rich. I want to be a fashion model or a designer or a hip-hop dancer. I reckon in this county if you work hard and have a dream you can do it eh?"


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