Monday, August 07, 2006


A survey of secondary school students has revealed a major change in boy's life aspirations that has social commentators startled. The Moenui survey which asked male students what they want to do when they grow up found that 44% of boys aged 13 to 18 want to marry a Prime Minister a Governor General or a Supreme Court Judge. Meanwhile only 30% of boys responded with the traditional answer that they wanted to get a job in the professions or a trade and to 'marry a girl with big tits.'
A further 7% of boys said their ambition was to 'play X box while the kids were at school' and a another 3% wanted to be porn stars.
The survey follows on a major report that shows females outstripping boys in secondary school and university success and in numbers enering the professions.
Retired Moenui sociologist Ewen Tremewen told the Kiwi Herald that the results showed a major swing in boy's priorities reflecting the societal trend of females replacing males as high achievers academically and in the professions.
"Basically the jury has come in early with the predictable verdict," said Tremewen. "While the statistics have been showing that girls and women are smarter and higher achievers boys have been adjusting their priorities accordingly. Males may indeed be scholastically inferior and less suited to the professional world but they know what side their bread is buttered on. Boys are seeing new opportunities opening up for them in a female dominated world.
Male students who spoke to the Kiwi Herald seemed to reinforce the sociologists analysis.
Year 13 student Neil Morrison believes that boys lack the abilities that are valued at school.
"There's no way us guys can compete anymore. Like, chicks can talk really good and learn lots of facts and write neatly and that's what is wanted at school and uni."
"Us boys are good at guys stuff like playing bull-rush and challenging convention. You know like asking the teacher why do we have to learn this shit and coming up with ideas for outrageous new video games."
Mike 'Eminem' Moore, a year 12 student, said that it was "sweet" that his girlfiend was getting good grades because he needed earning power behind him while he focused on "giving voice to truth and surfing the net."
"I mean seriously who wants to wear a suit and be a lawyer doing all that boring shit or a doctor looking at puss-filled ears all day. Seriously, why would you sit in some Uni lecture theatre all day when you could be doing something interesting."

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