Tuesday, September 26, 2006


A Moenui South woman has confessed to selling her daughter's body parts as down payment for a Toyota Rav4. Ngaire Sperdle said she bought the $9000 car because she had seen one on TV and needed to drive her daughter to the $2 shop. Since Ms Sperdle had no cash or savings, the car dealer arranged finance for the purchase which inflated the cost to $35,259.56 to be paid off over nine weeks.
"I was really grateful to the car salesman for arranging all this money for me but I kind of got cold feet when I realised that it would take me a bit to pay it back," she told the Kiwi Herald. "It was about then that they suggested I might want to pay for the car in body parts and I thought about Jonah Lomu and that fella who gave him a kidney. It seemed to me like our family could own a nice car and also help lots of sick people."
The car dealership, Great Wall Motors is owned by former Shanghai transplant surgeon Gong Zheng. While Mr Zheng was unavailable for comment today chief salesperson Peter Bisset said that Great Wall Motors was grateful for the opportunity to help poor people better their lives. "Everyone wants nice things. We provide a range of choices to them so that they can, of their own free will, structure and plan their lives to achieve their dreams."
Ms Sperdle says that her daughter Hope loves the car rides and will appreciate them even more when her legs are removed next
week. "It has been fantastic. It's like being on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and The Biggest Loser all at once."

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