Monday, September 18, 2006


God broke a two thousand year public silence today saying that "the little German guy should not be blamed" and that "it was me God who messed up with the Muslim-quote-thing big time."
The creator of all things spoke out when the Pope was embroiled in a stand-off with the Muslim world for quoting from a 14th century text that described Mohammed as having brought only evil and inhumanity.

"Everyone knows that the Pope is infallible and has been since 1870 when the church announced it's Papal Infallibility doctrine. No it was me bugger it, the Little Guy was seeking a few good quotes from me for his speech at the same time I was dealing with Pat Robertson and a whole heap of Southern Baptists. Pat loves a bit of fire and brimstone; a bit of 'stick it up the Muslims' and I got my messages muddled. I take full responsibility but I tell you- being God to all humanity can get really complicated. It used to be a hell of a lot easier."

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