Sunday, October 01, 2006


Moenui ethnologist Don Brash said today that Queen Elizabeth could call herself English if she wanted to but 'everyone knows her family are a bunch of Krauts.'
"I have no problem with Queen Elizabeth identifying herself as English in fact I applaud it, but quite frankly she's about as English as Tariana Turia is Maori. She's a Saxe-Coburg from way back with more Frederick-Wilhelms in her family tree you could shake a stick of sauerkraut at. What's more the father of her kids is a Greek."
Dr Brash's comments were part of an opinion piece sent to the Kiwi Herald to clarify his earlier statements about race in New Zealand. In those comments Dr Brash maintained that Maori were not indigenous to New Zealand and that there are few if any real Maori left.
"The point I am making is that we all need to forget this race mumbo-jumbo and get on with being New Zealanders. Look at the British royal family. They've made a real effort to be English even though they're not." At this point Dr Brash explained the racial background of the Windsors before going on to say that 'of course there are differences in society' but this did not give some people rights to special treatment.
"People who choose to call themselves Maori also like to smoke cigarettes. It's one of those facts of life. They also choose not to become lawyers but like to play for the All Blacks. That doesn't mean however that there should be a special health system for them or a special education system so that they can get into law school. Imagine if we had special assistance for white New Zealanders to become All-Blacks. It wouldn't be fair."
Dr Brash then went on to say that in that the Royal family didn't demand special rights because they were German. "The Queen doesn't ask for Government-funded anger management or conflict resolution because Germans have a propensity to start world wars. No she just puts up with her shambles of a family."

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