Monday, October 09, 2006


The international community was in a heightened state of tension today after reclusive gardener and dyslexic Kim Youngill announced he has tested a unclear device.
The announcement in the form of a press release to the Kiwi Herald was headed "Take Car or I Will Bowl You Up," and comes after earlier threats to "make an implement of mass instruction to teach all to take me siriosly."
Mr Youngill whose passion for succulent plants and abrasive manner earned him the nick-name 'Cactus of Evil,' has been warned against developing weapons by local police but has remained defiant saying he would "only stop redding up on the innernut and buying in porvisions if the Persistent of the Untied States George Bush agrees to takls."
Upon hearing news of the test President Bush commented: "Maybe I misunderestimated him. Now we need to counter the shockwave of the evildoer. Unless we stop him then I suspect hope is in the far distant future if at all."

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