Thursday, October 26, 2006


Moenui Senior Citizens are off to Wellington for Parliament's open day this Sunday, excited by the possibility of 'a bit of the biff, some spilled blood and the chance of catching 'the Donsta' at it amongst the cross benches.'
"If what's been on the tellie and in the Kiwi Herald is anything to go by, the Big House has become the best show in town," said 66 year old Bob Threw, who has run the Moenui Fighting Gym for thirty years and has hired the buses for the trip.
"There used to be some clever verbal stouching in the house but now it's moved to the full monty. I can't wait to see the Mallard dishing out a spot of the how's your father to Bob the Builder and a few others. And I reckon it won't take alot to bring Gerry the Giant into a toe to toe either. He's been doing the angry man for so long now I figure he's due to deliver on some potential."
A number of pensioners spoken to by the Herald said that the possibilty of being in the corridoors of power when the planning and execution of a National Party leadership coup was in progress was 'a chance in a lifetime.'
"I still can quote from Julius Caesar which we studied in form four," says Hilda Happenstance. "Yond John Key hath a lean and hungry look. Such men are dangerous."
"Can you imagine it? The deals being done. The knives being bought?"
"I can see it now. 'E tu Gerry!' -and the ambitious one falls."
A small group of pensioners who thought that Don Brash was too popular to be rolled told The Herald they are hoping to pick up some tips from the man who they believe 'is absolute proof that there is life after sixty.'
A few gentlemen said they would also take the opportunity to visit a Wellington travel agent and check prices of flights to Singapore.

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shane said...

i sincerely hope that the "donsta" survives the rebellious clutches of the wicked caligula "the key" as he gives the guv, "the helenstra" the best shot at.....oh i dunno wot she's tryin to do. but it's a good show.