Saturday, November 04, 2006


NZ Rugby League's "Grannygate" crisis deepened today after international anti-terrorism squads were called in to investigate who knew the truth about Nathan Fien's Grandmother. League sources have confirmed that MI6, ASIO and the SIS now believe Sinnead Fien was an IRA agent and that her grandson and a number of other NZ Rugby League figures may have been involved in building a terrorist cell within the Kiwi squad.

"You don't have to be an historian to know that 'Sinn' Fien and the Irish Republican Army have always been mentioned in the same breath," a breathless Graham Lowe told the Kiwi Herald. "Alot of people must have known what was going on."

Lowe, a former Kiwi coach called on all those involved in the murky affair to come clean for the sake of the game in New Zealand.
"You have to wonder who is implicated," he said. "Ask yourself what a Queenslander was doing trying to infiltrate the Kiwi rugby league team? What was his relationship with Sel Pearson the Chairman of the NZRL who has a surname rich in IRA history?"
Lowe said that he was certain anti-terror authorities would be investigating what went on at the Kiwis' famous private 'Kava sessions' and whether the 'Little General' is in fact a terrorist mastermind.
"I shudder now every time I think of all the talk about him peppering the Aussie back three with bombs," Lowe said.

"What went on at secret 'kava camps?" asks a former coach

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