Saturday, November 18, 2006


Following on from an Australian case where a man established he was not the parent of two of his children, Moenui teenager Melodie-Ann Lewis is seeking DNA testing of her family in a bid to establish that she has 'absolutely nothing in common with them.'

The fourteen year old Lewis who chairs the student Council at Moenui Area School says her family is 'a complete embarrassment' and that she was 'more than likely mixed up at birth' and instead of going home with her real parents 'ended up stuck in a household of complete losers and misfits.'
Lewis says she had long suspected her older sister Lisa was adopted especially when the 'brainless tart' streaked at a local rugby match earlier this year.
"I've worked it out now though," Melodie-Ann told the
Kiwi Herald. "It's the entire family. I'm the one who doesn't fit in. The olds are nice enough but may as well live in the Dark Ages and the little brother is just plain wierd."
In anticipation that DNA testing will establish that she is indeed 'living amongst strangers' Melodie-Ann is asking 'any real cool couple with a disappointingly ordinary daughter born the first week of February 1992 to 'take a second look.'
"I could be the really discerning, free-spirited and multi-talented daughter you always dreamed of nurturing."

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