Sunday, December 10, 2006


In a move to reduce the road toll the Government is to ban automobile drivers from indulging in a number of common activities including knitting, playing the ukelele, stir-frying, reading the TV Guide and having sex.
The bans, announced by transport minister Harry Duynhoeven are to be included in a law that oulaws using cell-phones while driving a motor vehicle.

"We had always thought it was just common sense that texting with a mobile phone while driving was not advisable but the number of accidents caused by the use of cell phones is astonishing," said the Minister. "After some thought we then decided to add a number of other activities that apparently have been done while driving."
Meanwhile the Convenor of the Moenui Knitting Circle Freda 'flashing fingers' Finch described the law as "another example of Government trying to control ordinary people's lives. Next thing OSH will ban sex while knitting," she said.

A photograph from a police speed camera (right)

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llew said...

Great photo! I'd like to see them answer the cellphone now.