Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Moenui police are investigating the theft of several pairs of mens briefs from 'Moenui Fashions' after shop assistant Daryl Fey reported the loss. Mr Fey provided identikit descriptions to police and has expressed a willingness to 'carefully peruse any line-up of suspects that police put together.

The identikit picture drawn up by Mr Fey and police

The Moenui Rugby Sevens is set to become the 'Rugby Quartets' next year as a consequence of Government sanctions against Fiji.
A Fijian team has always been the big crowd-puller of the event but the ban on sporting contacts following the recent coup has prompted the change.
Instead the Moenui rugby club will invite a barber shop quartet from Fiji to the tournament.
"At first we thought we could provide a Fijian presence by inviting the
Suva Singers to come and sing the anthems but then we thought they could play as well," President Rob Fisher told the Kiwi Herald.
"After all, they're blokes, they're Fijian and they have rhythm. It stands to reason they can play football."
Because there are only four in a barbers' shop quartet the 'sevens' tournament will be modified to a quartet's event.

In the lead-up to Xmas the Kiwi Herald wishes to apologise for the large number of obituaries that have offended this year.
We particularly wish to apologise to the living who were listed as dead and described somewhat unfavourably. We also wish to apologise to the parents of aborted feotuses whose obituaries were listed.
We want to assure the public that Bunty from Classifieds now plays bowls on Sunday and no longer attends the Moenui Church of the All- Seeing Eye.

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