Tuesday, February 27, 2007


An Iraqi schoolchild who had his arms blown off today has joined a chorus of support for embattled NZ Foreign Minister Winston Peters. Speaking from a squalid Ramadi hospital 12 year old Jassim Ali told of how eighteen of his schoolmates were killed and many wounded when a suicide bomber drove onto the soccer field where the children were playing.
"My team was winning when the game was interrupted," explained Jassim. "I was about to cross the ball to a couple of our strikers who looked set to beat the off-side trap when 'bang' there was blood everywhere. I immediately thought to myself 'Winston is right, praise Allah the Americans are here otherwise there would be chaos."
"They say that since the US came and liberated us only 60,000 Iraqi civilians have died,"continued the boy. "Who knows what chaos might happen if they leave us to ourselves."

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