Friday, March 09, 2007


Police area commander Inspector Peter Cowan has defended the use of an all-female policing unit at an anti-rape protest rally last night saying, "These young women are the face of policing in the 21st century and even if I say so myself they're a damned pretty face."

The commander was responding to accusations that he had cynically put female officers in the front-line because protesters were venting their anger at a police culture which was abusive of women.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," commented Cowan. "The modern police force really likes girls. In fact we can't get enough of them in the force. What may or may not have happened thirty years ago is in the past. These days the women who apply to become police officers are motivated, talented and frankly, bloody georgeous. They're not your stereotypical down-at the-heal, shot-put throwing, plain Jane of yesteryear."

"They are the future of policing. They can diffuse almost any potentially difficult situation. These girls can hand out a traffic-ticket to a bloke like they're passing over an invitation for group sex . . . and having them slip you into handcuffs is ...well .... very exciting."

Inspector Cowan refused to comment on whether he thought fellow Commander Clint Rickards would return to his old job as Auckland Commander. He did however think that one day a woman would take on Auckland's top policing job.

"Auckland Central in Cook Street is such an ugly soul-less building. Really, only a spunky little woman with design sense could give it a make-over," he said.

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