Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Exasperated local parents are petitioning parliament for a change to family law that will create a 9 year probationary period in which parents can decide whether or not to keep a new child.

Spokesperson for the parents group Wayne Mapp explained that the law would help parents in a stressful time and build better families. “Having a child is a big step and a lot of parents find that the child they thought was right for them just doesn’t fit in. We want a trial period in which families can decide whether the child is the one for them. As the law stands alot of potential parents back away from taking the plunge because they are afraid the child will be unsuitable.”

Mapp cited examples where new children had been poor sleepers and had been slow to toilet train. He cited cases where children had proven to be disruptive. “All of us have watched TV programmes like Supernanny and Little Angels. Would you want those kids in your family? Sometimes letting a child go is the best for all concerned and a law that says otherwise is just political correctness gone mad.”

Meanwhile, 14 year old Melodie-Ann Lewis who chairs the Moenui Area School student council, has come out in support Mr Mapp saying she wishes she had been cut adrift from her family while she was young enough to make a fresh start. “Living with my selfish bitch older sister has been hell,” Melodie told the Herald. “If Mappie’s amendment had been law who know’s I could have been going to Auckland’s Junior College instead of this boring stink hole.”

"Some children are unsuited to family life," say petitioners

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