Friday, June 30, 2006


Moenui Police were this morning interviewing a suspected paedophile in a Subway outlet in nearby Kainui. The choice of the unusual venue followed a statement from the lawyer of Chris Kahui whose twin children were killed last week. The lawyer said in her statement that her client would only talk with police at MacDonalds.

Moenui Constable Fred Tawhai said conducting interviews in a fast food outlet was unusual but was part of an ongoing experiment by police to interview people in more "conducive environments."

"Alot of people find police stations quite intimidating. They find it difficult to loosen up with the sound of cell doors clanging and officers practicing taser technique. So when I read Lorraine Smith's comment something clicked. It's obvious really. There's no better place to have a good old chin-wag than over a good feed in pleasant surroundings."

Though Constable Tawhai was unable to tell the Herald details of his interview at this stage he was able to say that he had enjoyed a Spicy Italian Melt while the suspect had eaten two Kiddie Meals saving the roll-ups for later.

"Obviously," said Tawhai "a fast-food outlet does not suit everybody. I'm meeting with a pensioner later who is helping with our enquiries on another matter. We'll probably have a nice pot of tea and a lamington at the Mitre 10 tearooms."

The Constable said he was still continuing with plans to employ media interviewers to help solve crime, an idea he had earlier in the week when Susan Wood entered a South Auckland police station to interview Macsyn King, mother of the Kahui twins. This week Jason Gunn and Candy Lane will be in town to ask the questions. The event is being promoted as “Grassing to the Stars.”

Constable Tawhai is considering combining the two concepts in an attempt to solve white collar crime. “I’ll need to find a place that serves good coffee and is a bit classy. I’m negotiating to bring in Ric Salizzo to ask the questions and I’ll advertise it as “Rorts CafĂ©.”

A kids Pak similar to that eaten by the suspect
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