Thursday, August 31, 2006


National Deputy Leader Gerry Brownlee was treated in hospital Thursday night when he suffered a wrist injury while cart-wheeling down the steps of Parliament. The incident occurred on a great day for National which began with excellent poll results for the party and got better with news that Taito Philip Field was being investigated by the police has however prompted concern among strategists.
Such was the euphoria of leading National politicians that concerned strategists last night called an emergency meeting to "curb the arousal level of a team racing towards Government." The meeting was designed to reign in the enthusiasm of key party spokespeople so that they did not "overplay their hands at this early stage in the political cycle."
However the meeting was too late to prevent a testosterone-filled Don Brash say on TV One's 'NZ Close Up' programme that he had no faith in the police investigation into Field because the force is "a bunch of Labour Party stooges who relentlessly hounded Shane Ardern for driving a tractor up the steps of Parliament on a single occasion but has consistently failed to intercept a well known art fraudster who climbs those steps every day."
A well placed National Party source (currently 3rd equal on the Party's 'Pick the Polls' sweepstake) told the Kiwi Herald that strategists were relieved that Dr. Brash had fallen short of questioning why "the woman who stole the 2005 election was not being investigated in relation to the theft of the Mexican election."
Meanwhile members of Auckland's Thai community are expressing relief that Lockwood Smith has passed over information on Taito Philip Field to the police. A spokesperson for the community told the Kiwi Herald that Thai people will now get relief from being approached by "Sir asking when where and why Taito took money from them and made them work as slaves."
Labour Party insiders expressed relief today that "Tonto Philip and the Man in the White Hat have finally been smoked out of their hole in the Beehive." An un-named spokeswoman said that "with any luck we will be shot of the pair of them by the next election."

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