Thursday, August 31, 2006


The Moenui District Council today directed that Lake Rotonui be "re-coloured, or drained and filled in" after it was found that the current deep blue colour did not fall within District Plan guidelines.
"Frankly it is an eyesore," Council CEO Duncan Field told The Kiwi Herald. "It stands out like the dogs proverbials against the muted grey and green tones of the eroding hills and the scrub and gorse. The District Plan is quite clear that resource consent will only be granted where colour is derived from the predominant landscape. Clearly Lake Rotonui is out of step and we have ordered landowners bordering the Lake to take appropriate steps to remedy the situation."
Last year local peak Mount Sharp was "rounded off" after the planning Commissioners found it's "brash up-thrusting created a visual dissonance in an otherwise gently rolling and emotionally soothing vista."

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