Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The leader of the National Party Don Brash today launched a blistering attack on New Zealand's Polish population saying they had far too much influence on the political life of the nation 'especially since there are so few full-blooded Poles living here.'
Dr Brash was responding to questions about a new survey that suggests that his deputy John Key is almost as popular as the National Party Leader.
"Frankly," Dr Brash told journalists "I think most New Zealanders have heard more than enough from the Polish community. New Zealanders are a tolerant people but not a day seems to go by without some Pole telling us what are supposed to think. Well I have news for these people. That kind of mind-control may have worked in Gdansk ship-yards but it wont work here."
In a rare show of political consensus Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen told the
Kiwi Herald that "the Poles are given far to much weight by commentators. Everyone knows that Samoans, especially those living in Mangere, are the ones who decide elections."

Young Polish women in Christchurch practice a cultural dance


Guv said...

a polish mate of mine is for ever cussin' mainstream media for under stating the importance of margin of error in poles. he sees this lack of understanding as the main reason they have no real trust in the poles. although he also feels that a poor performance at the world cup did them no favours.

shane said...

i thought maypole dancing was english?