Saturday, January 13, 2007


The Presidential pet Barney has been sacked, making him the latest casualty in the shake-up of the administration as George W. Bush attempts to present a new image to the nation and gain support for his new efforts in the Iraq war.
The cute Scottish Terrier (left) who is frequently seen with the President and was known to be a close advisor will tomorrow join other 'old guard insiders' like Donald Rumsfeld and John Bolton in leaving the administration, according to informed sources.
Barney who the President once claimed was 'along with Laura my staunchest supporter in Iraq'
will leave the Whitehouse to pursue other interests, such as chasing squirrels, sniffing strangers, and eating from overturned garbage cans.
He will be replaced by Surge, a Saint Bernard (right) who is expected to more easily fit with the new get-tough image of the administration.
"Barney's presence beside the President helped dispel the misapprehension that the President was a cold, un-caring elitist who simply couldn't care about black folks suffering in New Orleans. When you saw George W, and Barney together you knew that the President was a regular, folksy, family guy, " a White -House insider said.
But the time for Barney has passed.
Surge will leave no-one in doubt that the President and the USA are not to be messed with," the informant told the Kiwi Herald. "
Once the public sees Surge out with Mr Bush on his morning run they will sense the new mood of resolution. They'll know they have misunderestimated the resolve of the President."

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